Build Great
Reports with Google Docs

Simplify with form driven docs and build reports faster with fewer errors and greater consistency.

Organize and centralize templates/branding, project files, signatures and tracking.

StartDeck Workflow Automation

Power tools for Google Workspace to Streamline your Document Production

  • Managing technical report production has never been easy.
  • Templates need to be on brand, on point and centralized for you and your team. Document templates, content and subsections should be a click away.
  • Reports need to be consistent, efficient to complete and easily trackable. Signature and deliveries need to be managed.
Enter StartDeck
  • We've streamlined the entire process, from templates, to document automation, to delivery and tracking.
  • Watch your production take off with the tech writing software for Google Workspace that gives your team the competitive edge. The sky's the limit.
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Business Templates & Content Library

  • StartDeck provides turn-key professional templates for everyday business use.
  • Quickly find and complete standard business documents, and more complex docs such as proposals, RFP’s and more.
  • All our templates are fully customizable! What will you create?
Business Templates & Content Library
StartDeck Writer

StartDeck Writer

  • Quickly populate a document with project info with merge fields. Not only can you pre populate documents and reports, updates are just as easy.
  • Your content library is always a sidebar away for quick access for your goto content.

StartDeck eSignatures

  • Document signatures, delivery and tracking.
  • eSignatures are seamlessly integrated with your report workflow.
StartDeck eSignatures
StartDeck TablesStartDeck Maps

StartDeck Tables & Maps

  • Tables for everyday business, integrated with our templates. Project timelines, deliverable schedules, pricing tables and more. Of course, you can create your own with the full power of Google Sheets!
  • Need a location map? Just enter the location and StartDeck will build a custom Google Map ready to merge!

StartDeck Dashboard

  • Browse templates, create and manage projects with the StartDeck Dashboard for Google Drive. Our Dashboard is a Progressive Web App and works great on a phone, tablet or desktop. It’s super fast and syncs across all your devices.
StartDeck Dashboard

Power up with Google Workspace automation!

You’ll need two Add-ons to complete the platform, StartDeck Writer and StartDeck Tables. These Add-ons power StartDeck’s workflow automation and are free while we’re in beta mode. Install these Add-ons, select a template from our library and get started!

Power up with Google Workspace automation!