Non Disclosure Agreement

Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA)


A non-disclosure agreement is a legally binding contract that establishes a confidential relationship. 


This is a B2B “Mutual NDA” template.  That means each party agrees to protect the other’s Confidential Information (CI) they share with each other. 


This is a Plain Language document, designed for simplicity and clarity and includes the following sections:


  • Parties and Background
  • Confidential Information (CI)
  • Exclusions
  • How CI Will Be Used
  • Each Party’s Duties
  • Ownership
  • Agreement Period
  • Rights
  • Return of Confidential Information
  • Legal Authority
  • Signatures


A professional NDA enables parties to collaborate and protect confidential information and IP. NDAs are an essential business best practice.


Template Package Details

  • Doc: 4 Pages
  • Sections: 7
  • Merge Fields: 34
  • Tables: 7

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